Required for first-time video & in-person sessions. We will assess our compatibility, create a connection and discuss the session details.

Phone: $50.00

Video: $100.00

– In-Person (NYC) : $200.00



Available Experiences


  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • Sessions will take place at a NYC dungeon, rental space or upscale hotel of my choosing.
  • Outcall sessions available to select return clients only.

Starting at $300.00 per hour + rental fee/hotel.



Perfect for the merging of your light and your shadow. Nourishing our bodies with a delectable meal and craft cocktails, perhaps a nice vintage wine. Imagine the ideal subtle scene for Role Play*, Public Humiliation*, Femdom Girlfriend Experience*, Tease & Denial* and/or extended pre or after-care. 

  • 4 Hour Minimum
  • We will discuss the exact details and flow between social & play time during our Consultation.

* Hard limits include any illegal activity. If there are minors in the nearby surroundings I will adjust the scene based on my discretion. Consent involves ALL parties, including anyone in a public setting. Let’s avoid a role play cage scene turning into real time jail.

Starting at $1,200.00 per experience with $300.00 per additional hour + dinner/drinks
A memorable play extends far beyond the confines of the dungeon or play space. Why stop there? Perfect for a social outing, shopping, museum, show…and tell me more about you, in a more casual setting.
  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • This is for NON-PLAY time. Should the desire to continue into a scene flow naturally, especially after going on a fetish shopping trip, then an additional session will have to be scheduled for another date, at the rate of the Individual Session rate.
Starting at $400.00 per experience with $200.00 per additional hour + activity, shopping, etc.

D/s Full Day or Weekend Stays

You’re committed to your service, ready to be at my beck and call at all hours of the day or night. Perfect for Role Play and more intensive scenes. 



  • 12-Hours 
Starting at $3,000.00 for a Full Day Experience, with each additional hour at $300.00 per hour + upscale accommodations, rentals, meals.

  • Friday night into Sunday night
  • Requires 8 hours per day of sleep, 2 hours of personal/down time per day.
Starting at $9,000.00 for a Weekend Experience, with each additional hour at $300.00 per hour + upscale accommodations/rental/meals/transport


For those seeking to serve me outside of my projected tour dates and locations, inquire here. I will consider your application should the session, destination and accommodation suit my desires.

  • 50% deposit of the full session duration required at time of Booking.

Starting at $300.00 per hour + business class airfare, upscale accommodations, transportation, rentals. 

Virtual Sessions

Phone & Video Sessions

  • Need a midday break? I offer virtual (video) sessions for $150.00 per thirty minute increments;  Phone sessions for $100.00 per thirty minute increments. 
  • Session duration will be pre-discussed in our Consultation. Arrangements are made for the recording space; last minute extension requests may not be honored.

Custom Requests

  • Turn your fantasy into a custom made, personalized & easily accessible media format: 
    • Video
    • “Erotible” – audio recording 
    • Writing
  • Reference custom story request in your Inquiry Application. Inquire for individual pricing.

Photos & Clips

Coming Soon!