Enter The Hearth

Domina Vesta Flame | NYC Dominatrix & Femdom

Domina Vesta Flame BDSM NYC Dominatrix

I marry the sacrosanct with the sacrilege to create safe play spaces. Your creative expression of concealed desires + taboo truths merges into one.

What I do

I create safe play spaces for curious, open-minded individuals + couples seeking to explore different aspects of themselves through a refined lens of the taboo. For those seeking to dive deeper--here we are.

In this surrendered play space we merge polarities within ourselves and through the other;

the known with the unknown,

light with shadow,

creative expression with concealed desire,

external order with internal chaos...and the inverse.

Imagine chaos as transforming a pre-conceived idea of who you are when permitted to let go.

Through this exploration of our depths and surfacing we are able to unmask. We free ourselves of the burdens of any expectations.

Our emotions and sensations in each moment color the surroundings as vividly as the implements used in this play. Embodiment of these feelings creates a channel of release from the pressures of performing professionally, with family, in relationships, intimately, and in friendships. Give in to the moment's emotions within pre-defined protocol and boundaries.

We co-create safe play space containers with expressed consent, boundaries, and open communication-- before, during, and after each session.

Through this authentic & ultimately creative expression, we become artists, transforming the past and pain into presence and beauty. The marvelous thing about beauty is its subjective nature.

Service is beauty. Submission is beauty. Devotion. Loyalty. Eager willingness. Fear.

You transform through the embodiment of your fears, or what I consider curiosities to explore, of the great unknown.

Curious to learn more about your unknown?

Creatively express yourself through the taboo when all other forms of expression don’t seem to fit.

Send your curiosities through my Inquiry Form & I will take it from there.

Let’s explore. I can’t wait to show you, you –unfiltered, raw and so very real.

My Interests

Marrying the sacrosanct with the sacrilege is the pinnacle of my motivation for creating safe play spaces.

Ancient Romans believed Goddess Vesta (Hestia in Greek mythology) to be protector of hearth, home, and family. These values founded Rome’s city center, where Vesta’s uniquely shaped, rounded temple was constructed.

Circular shapes represent eternal cycles.

Her container holds everlasting power; housed within this safe container, an eternally lit flame illumined these values, protecting the succession of hearth, home, and family–by knowing thyself completely.

The sacred flame, tended to by virginal priestesses under oath was to burn brightly and burn it did for well over a millennia, uniting the material world with the etheric realms & promising the continuity of these values within society.

A society evolves when the individual evolves.

You begin to know yourself by meeting all disparate parts of yourself — exactly where you are.

A public whipping and live burial were the consequences should the vows to channel one’s sexuality, their eros, be focused on anything other than a higher path, a sacred duty.

Affliction caused by a desire to serve. Sound familiar?

This extreme punishment illustrates the importance of maintaining a sense of self-possession when undertaking any role.

Goddess Vesta exists within safe play spaces as the focal point.

The sacred, eternal flame represents inner fire, igniting what keeps you balanced and infinitely grounded in your service and submission.

BDSM, when practiced through a refined lens, is a tool for accessing unexplored parts of our psyches. Where do your willpower and desires converge?

Holistic BDSM is an embodiment practice where the players transform. Whether this transformation lasts a few hours, shifts your entire belief, and suffuses your being is entirely up to your ability to release control and be taken to your edges.

Like Goddess Vesta, your desires and “weaknesses” will be the foundation and channel in submitting to a higher purpose.

To surrender…

To fall apart…

To be fully witnessed in your unraveling, unveiling hidden aspects of yourself.

What a gift.

Welcome to the hearth of Vesta.