Domina Vesta Flame | NYC Dominatrix & Femdom Artist

An explorer of consciousness, I navigate the tension between conventionality and rebellion, balancing societal expectations with my desire to explore the depths of self-concept through taboo and kink, which have fascinated me since my youth.

What I do

I craft play spaces for adventurous individuals + couples eager to explore their unknown aspects of "self". I invite you to play with your "other" self as you've found a mirroring resting place with me.

In moments of surrender we merge duality within and through each other -- light + shadow, authentic expression + concealed desire, order + chaos.

My defined chaos catalyzes you into shedding pre-conceived identities as I permit you to let go, safely held within my gaze.

Explore our depths and resurface, unmask our true selves. Each moment, painted with emotional hues + bodily sensations act as vividly as implements used in play. Release from the expectations of daily living.

Through this play we become artists, transforming the past and that which brings you into my space, into presence, beauty and he(ART). Beauty is subjective after all --service, submission, devotion, loyalty, eager willingness, even fear holds a unique allure.

Tap into your curiosities. Dare to express yourself through the forbidden when conventional mediums fall short. Embrace what is revealed.

Ready to explore? Send your curiosities through my Inquiry Form, and let's embark on this journey together.

I'm eager to unveil you-- unfiltered, raw and so very real.

My Interests


Ancient Romans venerated Goddess Vesta, or Hestia in Greek lore, as she stood as the guardian of hearth, home, and kin. At the heart of Rome’s center, her temple, with its distinctive rounded design, stood as a testament to these virtues.

Circles symbolize perpetual renewal, eternal rhythms.

Within her sacred walls flickered an eternal flame, a beacon of these values, safeguarding the legacy of hearth, home, and kin through profound self-awareness.

Under the vigilant watch of virginal priestesses, bound by solemn oaths, this flame blazed for centuries, bridging the realms of mortal existence with the ethereal, promising the continuity of these values within society.

A society’s evolution mirrors the individual’s journey.

True self-discovery demands you embrace ALL parts of self, even the parts you try to conceal.

Yet, for those who strayed from the path of good intent, severe punishment awaited—a chilling reminder of the importance in maintaining self-mastery. Public flogging and live burial awaited those who strayed from their vows to channel their sexuality, their eros towards anything other than a higher calling, a sacred duty.

Affliction caused by a desire to serve. Sound familiar?

Severe punishment mirrors the significance of self-possession when assuming any role.

In this realm, Goddess Vesta reigns supreme.

Her sacred, eternal flame represents inner fire, igniting what keeps you balanced and grounded in your service & submission.

BDSM, when approached with discernment, serves as a gateway to the depths of your psyche. At what point do your willpower + desires converge?

Holistic BDSM is an embodiment practice where the players transform. Whether it’s a fleeting journey or a profound change, it is entirely up to your ability to release control and be taken to your edges.

Like Goddess Vesta, your desire will be the foundation and channel in submitting to a higher purpose.

To surrender…

To fall apart…

To stand exposed, baring hidden truths.

What a gift.

Welcome to the hearth of Vesta.